Looking for a New Home

At the moment no dogs


Occasionally we get a request for reinstatement of members. This may be due to various circumstances, illness  change of job, divorce, relocation, etc. It can (neutered ) male dogs or ( sterilized ) females. But all dogs that love to another family will brighten. Naturally, we do not take requests to owners of dogs that have behavioral problems compared to men.

If you are interested in a ( young) adult mini bull a good home and a stable upbringing to offer, you can specify it via the Secretariat. Again, this can all you want to do so. Only for a short period of time We think of holidays, hospitalizations from the boss. In short, from a day to several weeks of care, which temporarily absorbs the dog so that it does not have a pension. A mini bull is like to the people and not like staying in a kennel, how big and beautiful with looks. They need to have a lot of contact with people and languishing in a guest house.

Of course it is necessary that people have experience ( had) with dogs and also have time during the day.


- SEARCHING FOR A new home -


At the moment no dogs  that looking for a new home