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Birth Messages:  

By kennel "Danny's Little Angel" are puppies born at 6 januari  (2 males / 4 females)

from the combination:

Beau (Mini-Bull-Devils Elsa)  X Fender (Mini-Bull-Devils Ip Man)


There are one female available

For more information:

Danny Geys: 

Tel: 0032-(0)495-342233  /  0032-(0)477-498317

E-mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


Stud messages:

At the moment no stud messages



Birth messages are always placed provided that all breeding conditions are met. When space is also available on the homepage puppies can be placed. When several litters at the same time, it can be as long as no more than 5 litters or 10 puppies up.

Once that is the case will be sufficient to mention the litters, with or without a photo.

Obviously are then  earlier posted photos removed.

*Although  breeders have means sending in the registration form is agreement declared by the regulations, the NMBTC accept no liability for the breeders whose pups / or nests on the page are called.

Naturally, all the test results mentioned as a copy in the possession of the NMBTC.